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Nadia - on hold

Nadia (born 11/23/2017) entered rescue with her slightly older male companion, Max, as a result of their owner experiencing health issues.  She is spayed, heartworm negative and up to date on vaccinations.  Max has been adopted and Nadia seems to be doing well without him.  She still has housebreaking issues and is on hold until we can determine if it is a behavioral or physical issue. 


Nadia was said to be good with cats.  She doesn't chew household objects or furniture and prefers antlers or bones.  She does not like being put on lead and will run from the lead, but once on and going on a walk is well-behaved and enjoys the walk.  She has met new people and dogs on lead and was appropriate.  She is very vocal, but submissive.  Firm control on the lead is needed since she has no idea of recall. 


Nadia has a straightened tail due to old, fused fractures.  She has problems with anxiety and submission urination.  She is getting better as she learns to trust her humans and benefits from a strict housebreaking routine.  Early in a new relationship, she will be very tentative in approaching, and may bolt.  After developing trust, she becomes your shadow.  Her energetic excitement when you come home and greet her may result in potty accidents, but that should improve as she matures.


She is a kisser and love tummy rubs.  She knows sit and shake.  Nadia would benefit from another, more mature canine companion.  If your home would be the right one for Nadia,  please click here to fill out an application to adopt. 


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