A fee of $150 is payable upon adoption of a dog from our program.
You must be 21 years of age or older to apply and adopt a dog.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to help us determine your needs in a pet as well as give us some insight into you lifestyle.  Please feel free to send additional information in an email to if there is not enough space within the form to complete your answer.       Or download and use this form. 

When we sponsor rescues, we attempt to make the best match of dog and adopter as we can. Your application provides us with information to assist in doing that.   A sample adoption contract may be viewed hereWe reserve the right to refuse placement of an animal in our custody for any reason, without explanation. 

Please answer all questions so that we can better assist you.  Failure to do so will only delay processing your application.  We are an all volunteer organization so it may take a while before we can get back to you.   Thank you for your patience.

Name: *

Street Address: *




Phone: *

Email: *

May we contact you at home during the day? evening?

Please describe your family situation? i.e. - number of adults and children - ages of children - any special family situation such as a handicapped individual or frail elderly individual within your home?

Do you have other pets? If so please list all pets, age, sex and species? Are they neutered?


In the past what has happened to all other pets you have had - i.e. - are they still alive but not with you, died of old age, disease? Give years you owned them.


Please describe your housing situation? rent own
If you rent, please include your landlords name. phone number and address

Yard size Fenced? Unfenced

Type & height of fencing, does it allow dog to enter directly from house, is fenced yard enclosed on all sides:


If you do not have a fenced yard, how do you plan to exercise your dog?


Please describe the potential dog’s living arrangements: Outside only
Indoor and outdoors? Where will the dog sleep at night?
How long will the dog be alone each day (without a person)?

Do you have a crate for the dog? Yes    No

Have you ever used a crate for any of your dogs in the past?  Yes    No

Have you ever done obedience training with a dog?  Yes    No

If yes, please describe:

Please tell us what attracted you to elkhounds and in particular why you would like to adopt a rescue dog? Have you had any personal experience with elkhounds?

What age dog are you interested in adopting? What sex? Mention the name of any specific dog you are  interested in applying to adopt.

Tell us a little about your lifestyle and how you see a dog fitting in with that lifestyle? i.e. - Active family - hiking, camping etc. Quiet - retired - prefer older settled dog.

Who is your veterinarian?

(please include address and phone number)

May we contact your veterinarian for references? Yes    No

What type of heartworm preventative do you use?  What type of flea/tick preventative do you use? 
What frequency do you give each of them?*

If you have been with another vet within the past 5 years, please provide that veterinarian’s information.

Please give us 2 personal references with phone numbers that we may contact:

Can we make a home visit to discuss the prospective adoption?  Yes    No

If your application is approved, how far are you willing to travel to meet/adopt the dog of your choice? 

For security, please enter the words you see in the box below, in order and separated by a space.  Then click the Submit button.   For any problems, click on the question mark in the circle below.