In Memory of Those We Lost


Special dogs that were in foster care when they journeyed to the Bridge.

Ace, Justus, Tryg, Kaycee, Lily, Gemma, Kodiak, Sierra, Katie, Loki, Tara, Newman, Princess, Zarko, Sugar, Duke, Cupcake, Smokie, Bo, Pandi, Bella, Rain, Summer, Missy, Toby, Daisy, Toby-N, Sierra Spirit, Thor, Destiny, Sweet Pea, Curley Sue, Princess Bella  

Elkhounds well remembered (listed for owners on


Ace was about 9 years old when we rescued him from a Wisconsin shelter.  He lived for more than four years with a wonderful foster family who gave him all the love any dog would ever want.  He crossed the Rainbow Bridge in the arms of his beloved family on Sept. 24, 2008.  His situation inspired our Home and Heart Forever Foster program.
Rest in Peace Sweet Boy

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From 102 lbs at 10 yrs of age to 45 lbs at 14 yrs of age
10/12/1992 - 9/26/2008

Happy and healthy in 2007 at 45 lbs

Even though we grieve his loss, remember it like this -
he gave it his all, ran the race, and by golly
 he finished it and won."
       Laura S.

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Just a pup!

No amount of medical care was able to save him
 from Parvo.




Advanced heartworm disease

Why we need to care!
Rest in Peace, sweet girl - September 4, 2007

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Left us May 31, 2009

Made it home from surgery so she could go in her own way.  Frolic and run without pain, sweet Lily Billie!




Seizure disorder 

Thanks to a wonderful sponsor, Gemma's seizures were well controlled.  She passed away in 2009 from cancer at the age of 15.5 years. 

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The big bear passed peacefully in his sleep in the setting that he loved.  Thank you Patty and Dick for giving him a place of his own.




Traveled to the Bridge 10/11/2010 at the age of 13 years

She overcame a lot but couldn't beat the mast cell cancer. 
She was loved!


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Blind senior

Traveled to the bridge at the age of 14

 after being loved for 6 years in her foster home.





Rescued senior.  Cancer took over his body quickly; he was sent to the Bridge knowing he was loved. Thank you Barb, Mindy, Sarah and his special friend Tammy.

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Traveled to the Bridge at the age of 14.  Suspected cancer.  All anxiety is gone - only loving memories of foster mom, Teresa, remain.




Senior with chronic ear & cyst problems problems

Thank you Alison for giving him years of love!


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PRINCESS floppy ear

Senior girl

Thank you Patty and Dick for giving her years of special care and love.


Senior surrender - home forclosure

Traveled to the Bridge four months short of his 18th birthday.  Thank you Don and Carolyn for giving Zarko six years of joy in your home.

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Senior stray

Sugar was originally called Pepper by a shelter but was too sweet to keep that name.  Thank you Deb for making his last 4 years so special.


Severe separation anxiety

Thank you Linda for giving Duke four wonderful years where he learned to love and appreciate all life could give.


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Thank you Carl and Pat for making his last months so happy!





Blind dog with special needs

Thank you Patty and Dick!



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Bo aka Bowtie


Thank you Linda for making his last months so happy!




Thank you Linda for keeping her happy and comfortable in her senior years!



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Severe heart murmer, abnormal heart

Thank you Gretchen for making her last years so full of love!



Cardiac irregularity and possible thyroid issues

Thank you Majie!



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Respiratory complications

Thank you Duffy family!



Degenerative hind leg paralysis

Thank you Patty and Dick!


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Senior with end stage heartworm disease

Thank you Renee!







Severe allergic dermatitis, grossly overweight, eye infections

Thank you Caroline and Bobbi

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Succumb to his seizure disorder before his heartworm treatment

Thank you, Karen, for your loving care of this boy.


Sierra Spirit

Grossly overweight, eyelid tumor, dental issues

Thank you Linda!

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Senior with cancer

Thank you Steve and Cindi




Senior girl orphaned when adopters passed from cancer

Severe skin problems and separation anxiety.

Thank you Nancy for caring for her.

Thank you Pam & Tom for giving her a final home.

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Sweet Pea
Senior trapped for weeks in home with deceased owner

Thank you, Linda!


Curley Sue

Severe separation anxiety.

Thank you Lue for loving her and caring for her.


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Princess Bella
Senior chained outdoors most of her life prior to rescue.

Thank you, Linda, for giving her happy memories!




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