Special Vet Care for Special Dogs

Rescue dogs often need new homes through no fault of their own.  Some owners can't afford to treat serious conditions and choose to surrender them to rescues or shelters.  Some people find it easier to abandon their animals rather than provide a safe environment, healthy food, and routine preventatives which would help them avoid serious, life threatening diseases.  One such dog was Kaycee. 

The Heartbreak of Heartworm disease.

Why didn't they love me enough to give me
heartworm preventative?

  Rest in Peace, sweet girl - September 4, 2007

We found Kaycee too late to save her.  The heart worms that devastated her body for so many years before she was rescued could have been prevented by a simple monthly pill.  Her last days may have been her best - she was cared for and loved.

Stray dogs have special problems and often come in to rescue needing extra medical treatment for conditions such as heartworm disease, cancer, infection, or injury.  The cost of treatment is high so we have dedicated a special fund raising effort in Kaycee's memory to help dogs like her get a good start on their second life in a loving home.  Over the past 3 years, almost 35% of our expenses have been for successfully treating heartworm and emergency surgical needs for dogs coming into rescue.  If you would like to help us continue to provide this type of care, consider donating to the Special Vet Care drive inspired by Kaycee's plight.  You can send donations via Paypal or to our mailing address below.  Thank you from all her fellow canines who will receive treatment and live a normal, healthy life.

To mail in a donation, please make out your check or money order (in $US) to "JNMRF-SVC" fund and mail it to:

P.O. Box 65
Mendenhall, PA 19357.