Heart and Home Furever Fosters
Established in honor of Ace, a stray in Wisconsin
See them here: Fosters at the Bridge

Some dogs that come in to our rescue program carry a bit more "baggage" than others.  They may have chronic health problems which might require an unusual amount of care, expense, or they may be elderly and not easily adapt to new situations.  Special foster homes have opened their hearts and homes to these dogs.  JNMRF continues to provide veterinary care for these dogs and the foster families provide the love and home.

If you can't adopt or foster and would like to help dogs who are harder to find homes for, please consider sending a donation for their lifelong care.  Dogs often need more than one sponsor depending on a number of things.  Ask if your favorite might benefit from your help.  You can use our Paypal link or mail a donation to JNMRF, P.O. Box 65, Mendenhall, PA 19357.  Thank you from all those who will benefit from your caring. 

Meet a few of them now.

Curley Sue   Destiny  Xena   Thor   Sierra-Spirit   Harry


Severe separation anxiety

Curley Sue could not make the adjustment to a new home so she has entered the Furever Foster program with JNMRF.  She's back in the only home in which she has been able to relax since she was rescued from a shelter.  There she will continue to enjoy the company of other dogs and her foster mom, furever.  Thank you Lue!



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Senior girl orphaned when adopters passed from cancer

Severe skin problems when stressed.

Thank you Nancy for caring for her.

Thank you Pam & Tom for giving her a final home.

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Multiple congenital malformations in hips and legs

 Thanks to many people for contributing to her surgical costs

Thank you Sarah for fostering through surgery. 
Thank you Andrea and Jim for being the right forever foster home for her.




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Senior with cancer

Thank you Steve and Cindi

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Sierra Spirit

Grossly overweight, eyelid tumor, dental issues

Thank you Linda!


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Heartworm disease with cardiac/pulmonary complications

Thank you Leila!



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