Past Howl 'o Ween Contest Pages
Presenting contestants from past Howloween Contests for your viewing pleasure.  Guaranteed to make you laugh!  We thank everyone for their entries and donations.  We especially thank the contestants for being such great sports!

I'll get you my sweetie!
2016 Winner
Forever foster with Andrea & Jim Baker
Votes: 600    9.5%

It's Fall, time for
Pumpkin Spice Latte!
2015 Winner
Owned by Candace & Steve McMaster
Votes: 843    10.1%

Pooh, do you think we'll really
get paid in honey for this?
2014 Winner
Smokey as Pooh & Jaldi as Piglet
Owned by Val & Mike Thompson
Votes: 633    10.2%

It's Fun to Stay at the Y.N.E.A.!!!
- Village People
2013 Winner
Hallie, Taavi, ZigBee, Taavi, ZigBee, Hallie
Owned by Toni Sibrel & Pete Bojan
Votes: 547    9.8%

Indiana Bones: I HATE snakes!
2012 Winner
Owned by Sandra Roberts
Votes: 650    12.0%

Oh, Wise Guy, eh?
Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk.
- The Three Stooges -
2011 Winner
Taavi as Moe, Hallie as Larry
& ZigBee as Curly

Owned by Pete Bojan & Toni Sibrel
Votes: 930    14.6%