Courtesy listing for owner:


Bailey is a 5 and 1/2 yr old female in the Denver area whose owner's job has taken her away from home for many hours a day so Bailey is not getting as much exercise as she needs.   Bailey is spayed and up to date on her vaccines and heartworm preventative.  She hasn't been around cats or children but is good with other dogs as long as they aren't pushy.
Here is what her mom says:

"She is not destructive, will occasionally lick the towel from the oven or tear up a piece of paper in reach, but only if she has not had adequate time outside and attention for a few days in a row. She's really incredibly good when left alone.  She is timid about a few things:
- she's not a fan of having her picture taken
- she's terrified of storms, she'll curl up in a corner and shake, if outside and it thunders she will dart back towards the house.
- she does not like dogs that get in her face and continue to get in her face, other than that she's friendly and playful with dogs. Eventually she will become uninterested and just wander around and sniff. She goes to the dog park and/or doggie daycare at least once a week
- a bit afraid of fires, in fireplaces
- she's lived with just females for the last 4 years and can be a little loud around men she doesn't know, but warms up to the fairly quickly when she's around them often.
- She's a little difficult to give a bath. I've taken her to the dog grooming tubs and you kinda need to let her lean against you so she doesn't jump out of the tub. She does kind of tolerate it, but definitely does not enjoy it.
Great things about Bailey:
- she give great high fives
- she's very social at dog parks, especially with people
- she responds well to treats
- she is great not being kenneled during the day
- extremely well potty trained, can hold it for 10-12 hrs.
- she loves hiking and camping
- she's a great cuddler
- knows how to sit, stay, leave it and drop it.
Bailey is an amazing dog!"

If you are interested in giving Bailey a great home where she can get more attention and play time than she has now, please
click here to fill out an application or email rescue@jnmrf.org with other questions. JNMRF will forward requests to Bailey's owner who will make the decision about her adoption.





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